Things you wish were covered on your extensions course

Hi everyone
My daughter is going on a 1 day hair extension course and I’m a little worried this is not enough (she has no prior hair experience really)
Are there any tips or questions you wish was covered on your course that would have helped you at the beginning?

I also did a 1 day course on hair extensions and I absolutely loved them. However I don’t think I was learnt enough on the maintenance of how to care for the extensions once they were in the hair. Personally I researched a lot more when I come home and didn’t start up straight away. I waited and revised and then started to take clients. You are always learning as you go to! X


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Usually, the fitting hair extensions unit is only offered on Advanced Level 3 hairdressing courses so in comparison, a 1 day course for a complete novice is woefully inadequate, it’s laughable really.

Ideally, students will have completed a basic hairdressing course before learning how to fit extensions, otherwise they won’t be able to offer to cut or colour the clients hair but just fit and trim the extensions.

100% agree! I was already in my hairdressing course when I took the extension course. I would have thought she’d have found it pretty difficult having no experience with hair at all


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Loads of courses offer advice and help after. Practise and google videos before you do the course on a training head. It definitely will help as you will understand it a bit more


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We didn't cover and blending or cutting on a one day course I did x