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May 6, 2004
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the new one that I am hearing about, is it only available in certain areas or is it rolling out across the country.

Has anyone got any more info on it or can point me somewhere that explains more about it please
hi chocolate (rachel) knows, its not in my area yet my local college nos nothin about it
no doubt being here in cornwall it will take ages to reach the colleges here, if at all there is a call for it.

I would love to do this here at the salon as a sort of training centre.
Hi All

I may be able to shed a little light on this. The new nails NVQ Levels 1, 2 and 3 come into official force in Sept this year. There are new Beauty NVQ's too and they will all eventually take over from all others.

All training centres will be able to offer them (IF they have the appropriate assessors and verifiers) but it will be up to each centre if they want to. As we will have complete NVQ Levels for the first time there will be will be many implications on funding available (more is available for complete levels) but the initial problem will be the lack of appropriate staff.

If you want to see what is included in the Levels have a look at where the whole standards are availble to see.

This doesn't meant that any existing qualification will be void; it WILL STILL COUNT. There are just newer, updated and higher qualifications available to the industry.

In the greater scheme of things, it means that the professional nail industry has, at last, been indentified as a profession/career and not just a small 'bit' of beauty.


Marian (Newman)
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