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Oct 14, 2003
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Just to say well done to everybody who made the effort and entered the national nail competetions this weekend. We all hear other nail technicians talking about how good they are and if they entered blah blah blah!!! But those who get out of bed, prepare, worry, practice and stress to get themselves, their model and kit to a competition are real examples of the drive, fun and competetive spirit that is driving this expanding industry.
A big shout out to the winners for putting it all together 365 days in 2 1/2 hours. That's scary. To those who keep going back for more and see their placings increase First time winners please come down from the ceiling......

It not always about the winning it is all about the taking part.
The winning ultimately becomes a competition between yourself and your potential not the other competitors. I pretty sure if you ask some of the big winners from times gone by and the current pioneers that they could have done better, even if they beat all their competitors on the day.

Big pat on the back to those that that did and to those who were going to! see you at the next competition.

Marco Benito
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