Thought I'd feel better about my work by now


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May 9, 2013
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West Yorkshire
Iv been NVQ L3 qualified for 3mnths now & I still don't feel 100% confident with my nails.
I do nails day in day out in a salon so im getting plenty of practice & I have happy regular clients, but when I see other people's work, I wish I could be as good as them!
Im a perfectionist & I am trying so hard, it's really frustrating me! I want to be the best!
Did anyone else feel like this?
Are there any additional courses I could do to improve my skills?

Thanks in advance x
It will all just click one day. It took me years to be 100% happy with my work. Just keep working and trying.
I agree it took me 4 years to feel super confident in my work[emoji3] with nails practice makes perfect
Hi, iv been doing nails for 18 months now and still have days when I am disappointed with some sets iv done! Just practice practice practice! I was in a salon with 3 foreign girls who's work is unbelievable! And I used to always compare my work to theirs and get upset but I had to remember I had only done three courses where as the girls had all done about 18 each and been at them longer ! One day you'll be confident just keep at it And you will see your work getting better and better
I'm newly qualified and feel exactly the same.
As long as we keep trying and doing the best we can, we'll get there- everyone has to start somewhere :)
I've been doing nails since March and I'm still not 100% confident stall! I think it's just one of those things that takes time xx
It definitely takes time.

I've been doing nails for 6 years and within my area I'm quite confident but then I come on Salon Geek and am in awe of techs all over the world.. I guess it's like anything in life, there's always going to be someone better, you can't expect to be the best after only 3 months but you can keep trying and build your confidence one day it will just click! :)
I know I cant be the best in 3mnths lol or even at all in that case [emoji23] it was just an expression I used to express my passion in my work.
What other courses are there to take? Does anyone know?
Iv done e-file & acrylic design. Iv seen phd courses advertised but it doesn't intail exactly what you learn from it??

Thankyoy for all your replies [emoji4] xx
Most of my work is sitting for practice sessions w nail students or doing portfolio modeling for beginning techs. I was contacted the other day by a nail tech who I had worked with when she was starting out 3 years ago who wanted to do a full set for her new advertising I could not believe the difference in the precision and efficiency in her work she did an acrylic full set w hand painted designs on all 10 nails in an hour and a half that would have taken her 3 hours when she started and the work was much more detailed and better quality in half the time keep practicing you will get there b confident do what u love the rest will fall into place w time good luck

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