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Discussion in 'Hair' started by Aimee06, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. Aimee06
    Hi guys,
    Just wondered what your thoughts were on Archie Lloyds hair? There colour and length range is really good but, there Facebook looks pretty new. Has anyone used their hair and can let me what it's like please. I've emailed them regarding a trade account but not heard back yet... is there discount 10%?
    Thanks so much xx
  2. holliekatexx
    I ordered some hair from them last year, it said around 10 days delivery or something but it took 4 weeks to come! And none of the hair matched what I'd ordered from the colour ring, so disappointing as the actual hair seemed really nice.... So had to send it all back! May be different now though xx
  3. ceecee71
    I was looking in to their tapes but it's a really strange set up. No phone number, limited descriptions, no returns!!?? I waded through search results on here and there were some good reviews but always from the same 2 people.... I haven't taken the plunge yet. Hopefully someone on here can shed some light.
  4. Aimee06
    Yes, I thought that too.... I've emailed them for a trade account, they have replied asking for certificate but that's as far as I have got yet. The thing that worries me is there website layout looks a lot like SJK's, who I stopped using ages ago due to problems i was having with them. I'm going to ask about the no returns though and will let you know what they say.
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  5. Tomtomrow
    Absolutely love the hair. They've said next day delivery will be available in two weeks on all colors. New colours added to the ring are really good. Been buying of him via Facebook for about two years and all hair lasts well over a year.
  6. Glory Locks
    I used them once last year to test their tape hair. I haven't tested any other type from them. Initially I was drawn in by a couple of recommendations on here, the amount of colour choice and the different hair wave variations available, however, personally I didn't have a good experience. An already slow 10 days quoted delivery time frame turned into 3 long plodding weeks, with no contact from them to let me know what was happening or an ETA. If that wasn't enough to put me off, when the hair finally did arrive one of the pack colours was 4 shades lighter than my order. Mind, when I emailed them (the only way to contact them) they did respond immediately and sent a replacement colour, free of charge, via next day delivery (it would seem quick postage was sometimes possible after all?) and it was good that I didn't have to mess around returning the incorrect item - they just told me to keep it at no charge. At that point they were redeeming themselves as I thought the no quibble part of their customer service was brilliant but, the ultimate test of hair quality was disappointing for me. I wasn't really enamoured with the quality after washing and styling it. Lovely packaging but the hair was...well, not that great to me....perhaps I had a bad batch though? Personally I won't be using them again....Re' delivery times: I recently got an email off them to say at the end of this month they'll be stocking all of their colours on site so can offer next day delivery....& Re' trade discount: I sent pictures of my qualifications and at the time got 5% discount.
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  7. Aimee06
    Thanks for that, something doesn't sit right with me, there website layout is the same as sjk, both offer 5% discount. I still haven't had a reply from them either which isn't promising... Think I'll give them a miss .
  8. cassies97
    They both have the same colours too. I notice 'turkis' on Archie lloyds which lets be honest isn't a common name for a colour and also belongs to SJK
  9. Aimee06
    Oh yes, good spotting.... I seen on SJK'S Facebook page advertising a new Russian range they are bringing out... Nah think I'll stay clear already had my fingers burnt my SJK once
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  10. ceecee71
    Yep I'm out too. It's all too much of a 'coincidence'. Also, the same person that continually praises SJK as the best hair ever, is also doing the same for Archie Lloyds.……
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  11. cassies97
    Hmmmm yeah I've noticed that. Its blatantly obvious
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  12. Jemma1919
    To be honest the colour ring from Archie's is very different. They have a few if the same colours but I'd have thought that us the same for all companies. Archie def supplies the best hair I have ever used.
  13. Amyxlouise
  14. Amyxlouise
    Does anybody actually have both colour rings to compare, i just dont know if to take the plunge with archies hair as i dont like the tips sjk use they melt and shed

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