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Sep 20, 2007
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I'm on my threading course soon and wondered what equipment you use for threading?

Obviously the thread, but I know some people like to use a glove, and have seen threading lotion too.
Hi Ann,
I use anti-bacterial cotton thread, talc(in a little airtight click shut tub), cotton pads, eyebrow brush & eyebrow scissors & soothing gel. x:hug:x
Hi, I use the same as Emma but also use my pre wax cleanser. I also have a set of tweezers handy for working close to the nose. ( my hands are rather large and i find i can't quite get in with some clients). Good luck with your training, I love threading and so do my clients, it has been the most beneficial course I have done since my body massage.
Oh yes, I use tweezers too :)
Thanks guys.

I've been wanting to do this course for about a year now. I probably will just use it on myself but its also a fantastic tool for health promotion days and talks and demos that I get booked for.

I have taught myself to thread watching many many u tube clips but want the whole caboodle. Its just so natural and as most long term threaders say, they learn't it at knee height!

Do either of you use a glove?
No I dont use a glove. x
No i dont use a glove either but something that was suggested to me when i first start was to use the finger wraps or plasters where the thread sits in the hand as when you are new and practising loads it can get a little bit sore or irritated.

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