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Stephanie Morris

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Apr 24, 2003
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I did a full set of nails on a young girl last week for her 5th Form Ball. She had very very small nail beds and is also a nail biter!!!! Her baby fingers were very tricky to do but I managed to do them by sculpting. But I have just had a phone call 4 days later to say that one of those nails has cracked and the other is lifting.

Can anyone give me any advice? I am going round tommorrow evening to re-do the 2 nails. The one thing I struggled with is as the nails are so small there is no room to pat the acrylic down and shape.

Any advice and tips would be much appreciated.

I can`t help you with that, sorry.
I just wanted to say that my very first client in gel training had the smallest of nails I`d ever seen and I had to use the smallest 2 sizes of tips I had and even the smallest had to be filed even smaller. Luckily with gel it was only brushed on and not patted in like your problem.
You will get the advice you need though, and it won`t take too long to get it.
Good luck
I really hope you are not going to do these nails for free!

If she has almost no nail to support the enhancement in the first place, how on earth can you expect her NOT to have problems?

I would have advised her of this at her first appointment.
I would have made a note of it on her client record card so she can be reminded that we discussed the issue.
I never would offer a guarantee of longevity on client like this.
I hope you did all these things.

Good luck.
Hi :)

I have a few clients with very very short nails and tiny nail beds, i have been advising them before i put any enhancements on that they will have problems and lose nails due to the fact that there isnt much there to hold them on, i tell them i will do my best for them and ask them if they still want to go ahead or wait a little while and try and grow them a little longer, they always want me to go ahead, after some wonderful advice from geeg last week i have been managing these clients alot better and now have them on weekly infills for an indefinate period until they stop having breakages or nails popping off.

My confidence is growing every day with nail biters lol but im getting alot better and explaining to them what to expect and not to expect miracles as alot of them do :D

I also charge for each breakage , im getting tougher!

Kerrie :)
Thank you all for the advice ladies.

I will let you know how I get on after tonight!!! !

I will do as you said firstly charge her for tonight, and secondly I will emphasise to her that as there is not much for the acrylic to grip that I cannot guarantee the nails.

Oh yeah will also advise her to have infills weekly.

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