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thankyou so very much for your reply i have been away and only just got back and straight on to site and i'm havin great fun reading all recent posts.

thanks again for your reply hope you get to read this message wouldnt want u to think i dont appreciate u.


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Oct 6, 2003
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Hi there everyone.
I am new to this site so you'll have to bear with me if i am going over old ground. I have been "doing nails" for about two months now and although I think the end results are good I'm getting really fed up with the tip application end of it. :x
It takes me about an hour to fit and blend tips. The sizing is quick enough but can someone please tell me whether I should cut out the well or leave it on and manually blend with a file. I have tried both of these methods but find if I cut out the well the tips are more likely to fall off. :( If I leave the well on and blend with a file I can just about get an invisible join but it seems to take me ages.
My nail extensions take about 2 1/2 hours to complete and this is really frustrating me as I think clients get a wee bit fed up waiting for me to finish and I get all paranoid and nervous. :puke: Please can someone help me, has any one got any tips (no pun intended) I only do gel and silk enhancements if this makes any difference.

Thanx love shellybell

We all have this problem when we have only been "doing nail's" for only 2 months, take it easy don't rush! It will come to you when you have been doing it that little bit longer. And you will posting messages saying yay i can do it in 1 1/2 hrs!!! Trust me you will, I remember thinking exactly the same thing as you when i first started out, I was really negative but now things are really good.

Good luck luv

Hi Shelly

Tip application, I believe for a beginner is one of the most time consuming parts of a full set. Applying the product is fortunately (or unfortunately!!) pretty much set in stone - we don't have alot of choice - we have to move with the set time. However tips - well what can I say - part of the problem is a "choice thing". Suddenly shock horror, we have to make decisions - lots of them:

Tip type, tip fit, to pretailor or not, to blend or not, angles - my god it just goes on and on!

So here's my advice on cutting contact areas:
Nail biters: sorry babe - you have to blend in on these fellas! Just make sure that the tip does not cover more than 50% of the natural nail plate.
Everyone else: Hooray, hoorah - get that 100 abrasive out or a pair of curved scissors (a tool I can't do without!) and whip out that contact area to fit to the client's free edge. It's an amazing technique which increases the surface area of nail plate exposed to the products that really matter. And yes it does seem like they're "hanging on the edge of the cliff", but the fact that they seem to be "falling off" as you said, maybe an adhesive problem - are you applying adhesive to both surfaces? Are you getting adhesive up into the ears of the tip?? Make sure you using a fab adhesive!!

Keep trying - if you're filing the contact area out, you may be leaving dusty gremlins behind in the contact area - these fellas sure as hell don't know how to grip onto a nail - so make sure the underside is clean before applying adhesive.

Completely understand where you're coming from and you can bet your bottom dollar/pound/euro that every beginner out there stumbles over these very issues.

Keep at it.......

I am having exact same problem i always use white tips but i trained to use natural tips, so i advertise that i do this service but i havn't had any requests untill yesterday. So i'm off to do a natural tip very soon.

mandini your advise was very helpful but me being a baby tec, things just dont seem to sink in. so when you say cut out the contact area do u mean the whole contact. not even a sqidgy bit left. sorry i know i'm annoying believe me you ought have been in my foundation class.
and wen they are a nail biter u have to cut most of the contact area cos the nail is too small is that right.
To Chanails!

When you apply a french tip it needs to be applied to a nail that has some free edge. (French tips look pretty horrible on nail biters!!) It can only be a tidgy bit, but you need it.

Cut out just enough of the well of the tip so that the edge of the tip sits right on the client's natural smile line. The tip then becomes her smile line. .. easy. Some times you need to cut a lot out, sometimes you don't depending on the length of the free edge you are working on.

For nail severe biters this technique is not very successful. In my opinion it is better to use a tip that will cover 1/3 up to even 1/2 of the visible nail plate. Helps give the nail plate a bit more shape and evenness until it gets into some shape of its own!
Here is another thread on the subject with some big (but grainy) pics.

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