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Nov 1, 2003
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Dear All

Hi there I am a nail tech student in the states and I have a question in regards to nail tips...

I noticed in the geeks tutorial on "million dollar smile lines" that his tip is really tapered along the free edge.....How does he do this. If he is filing the tip and if so how exactly is he filing it. Are you able to obtain this taperedness using white tips? Is he using tips that my teacher calls "wrong sized tips". I ask this cause when I have done a couple of tip overlays my teacher comes over and checks my tip sizing before I adhere them to the persons nail. When checking my tip sizes she is like you are sizing too small because when I size what is fitting over the free edge of the natural nail to me then tapers as we get lower and she is like no that tip must form a straight line from the sidewall on out to the free edge.

On myself in order to get the forever french I use white tips and the pink acrylic with a clear overlay. After I put my tip on and apply my product it never fails I end up with my nails looking so "spatty" as in they begin to get wider from where the tip starts and keep growing wider till we get down to the free edge. I then get crazy with the file and start filing along the sides to get that tapered look, never really succeeding but instead filing off all my damn product I applied and actually filing some of the white tip.

Can someone help me and give me the skinny on what I am doing wrong, How to get the tapered effect when using white tips (on myself) or any tip for that matter. Oh and please dont tell me to sculpt cause if I sculpt on myself I wont get anything even remotely resembling a nail but something that looks more like a glacier on my fingertip.

Thank you all so much for any help and/or information you can give me

Hi Denise and welcome to the site.

Those tips are pre tapered. They are Velocity from CND (they have French tips which are identical except for the colour).

I have tapered them in somewhat more to coincide with the design (and to ensure love handles dont appear once I apply product).

Hope this helps ;)
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