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Mar 12, 2007
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Ive just read cecs journal and it got me thinking are there any tips for people who want to work with L&p,and DONT want to work with ouderless acrylics??

I personally dont mind the smell,but it must be awful for people who cant take the smell:rolleyes:

Can you wipe out your brush on some lint that has some sanitising wash on it?...or is that not possible..?
Hi Gabi,

a dappen dish with a lid that is kept on when your brush isn't in the liquid will help lots, as will non excessive wiping of your brush when working. This means you have to get the exact amount of liquid on your brush - it takes a bit of practise!! :hug: A metal bin with a tight lid will also help to contain odour. hths x
I dont mind the smell at all, but when I am doing nails at home for my family and friend my hubby always says wow that smells so bad, and i always say.. I cant even smell it.Maybe I am just so used to the smell now? but to minimise the smell a bit i recomend using a fan,opening windows, and always putting the lid on your liquid when you are not using it.
Tips for reducing odour:

- Break the habit of wiping your brush, and only wipe on a lint free pad dampened with Scrubfresh
- Only decant the monomer you need and keep it in a covered dappen dish except when you're working with it
- Put all waste in a metal bin with a lid and empty it frequently

Those 3 things will massively reduce the vapours and therefore the odour from your monomer.

Thankyou for all your replies....wheneverive done a set on myself in the past,my husband has always commented on the smell,but it doesnt bother me really....just needed to be aware of these points:hug:
Hi there I actually put all my rubbish in a nappy bag before puting it in the bin. this helps minimise odour but you still get the "Oh my God what is that smell" people!!

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