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Mar 5, 2012
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hi guys, i have recently qualified in acrylics but the problem i seem to be having is the tips are snapping!

the snap is off one corner...

im not sure whether its own to the tip being too thin maybe? or am i not putting anough acrylic on?
The tips are not used for strength, only as foundation for the product so if they are breaking it is most likely because the acrylic ontop is not thick enough or not correctly applied:)
Make sure to look down the barrel of the nail at the free edge after applying your acrylic.

My fatal mistake was to always leave the corners of the tips with very little acrylic on. You would be surprised how big you actually need the beads to be to cover zone 1. Also you need to sort of bring the acrylic round the edge of the tip and cap the free edge. The acrylic shrinks back by I believe 12% so it could also be pulling away from the edges a bit.

I dont mean making doorstep like nails but I was doing my beads so small that I wasnt getting full coverage of zone 1. Plus by the time I had shaped the nail there was little or practically no acrylic on the corners.

Since doing bigger beads Ive had little or no breaks at all. If they have broken a nail they say it hurt whereas before they didnt even notice they had broken it. :hug:

Hope that helps a little xx

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