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Apr 3, 2003
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Had to post a new subject, I was having trouble replying to your original posting.

Hi, like you said, it’s attaching the forms that take up the time but I it’ll get easier with practise. I can sympathise with the 4hr application time! I did a friend just after I went on my training day last month and we were both exhausted by the time I had finished! But, having said that they were lovely and I was really pleased with them. I’d much prefer to spend 4 hrs and have a lovely set done than rush a set and have the client come back within a couple of days with lifting.

I’ve got a wedding to go to tomorrow so I’m going to do a full set of sculpts on myself tonight (though I’m not sure how the right hand will look!!). I want them perfect because there will be a lot of eyes around tomorrow, and eyes make potential clients!!!

One thing I have found with the clear gel is that it could maybe be a bit thicker. Perhaps I’ve got a defective pot (or defective skills!!!) but it just doesn’t seem to self-level, and this is making the C-curve creation almost impossible. I might try doing the C-curve with the sculpting gel instead.

On the whole though, I’m impressed with the system, although supplies don’t come cheap….
Hi Ange

Good luck with doing your own set for the wedding - I did a couple of sculptures on myself the same evening as my training day. As if the forms aren't fiddly enough as it is without having to do them on my right hand! :? Where did you train? I trained in Hertfordshire and my tutor actually didn't teach us to do a C curve - to strengthen the stress area we were taught to use silk/fibreglass. She said that although the video talks about C curves and T-bars (I think that was it!) they are not really necessary and the video is making is seem harder! :? I've got a little confused by all this because the training she gave us is different to the video and the video is even slightly different from the manual! :? :? :? This obviously makes it difficult to refer back to beacuse the steps are different from the initial training! She explained that we would find our own ways of doing things that are best for us as individuals so it's up to us which methods we use :rolleyes: Not saying she was a bad tutor though at all, I found her very good, I just wish all the instructions were exactly the same because this little brain of mine easily gets very confused when it's got a lot to take in at once! :? :? :?

By the way, have you had your assessment yet? :)
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