Toning down yellowy bleach blond


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Jan 18, 2016
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Hi geeks, my sister has been having full head bleach highlights for years, she's a natural base 7 it looks hideous and she virtually has roots after she has it coloured where is is so dark! Now she has 3 small children she doesn't have the time or money to have it done all the time, Iv convinced her to stay highlighted but darken it down,
She is the second pic her hair is very damaged and thin-she neglects it, the forst picture is something along the lines which I think will be better!
I'm thinking to colour the underneath with C.T 6.0 and 6.37 so she will only have half head-less time with the kids,
Was then going to use the same C.T colours and bleach with 20 to highlight obviously only using the bleach on the roots and taking the C.t through?

Any input or ideas would be fab! Many thanks
Your plan sounds good to me. I just can't comment on shades as I don't use wella but I'm assuming your putting a little warmth into the foils.
My first question is what do you plan on doing to improve the condition of her hair?
Thank u Nicky G only just seen this for some reason!
Il be recommending treatments she doesn't want to spend much so won't be doing olaplex , 6/37 is lpvely and warm so hoping this will be ok and just not too dark and I should use base 7 instead x

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