Toning warmth (Wella)


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Nov 17, 2015
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I always seem to have trouble toning warmth from the hair for Ashy results. I just finished a color correction and wasn't 100 percent satisfied with the results. Maybe I get nervous to use the /2 (matte) in fear of the dreaded green hue? Maybe I take on to big a job for one sitting?
My client had a natural level 6 with coloured level 5 ends. Used virgin retouch method leaving natural regrowth and got her to a brassy level 8.
Suggestions on what you would have used for wella toners in this situation for an ashy result ??
/2 is green so you would get green if you put that over an 8/ (yellow).

Honestly you wouldn't achieve an ashy 8 over an 8, imo. An ashy 7 over yellow would be perfect. I would've used 8/69 in illumina:

8 - because illumina is really cool the 8 is more like a 7.

/69- to neutralise the yellow you get to when you lift to an 8 but its still going to take it down to a 7.

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