too much callus eliminator today...


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Jan 11, 2003
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Hawaii, USA
my fingers feel weird! I used BeNatural's callus eliminator a few too many times today I think... I feel like I was trying to erase my finger prints or something. I think I did not wash it all off as quick as I should have. I have put lotion on my hands a few times but cannot get rid of that dry tight feeling on the palms of my hands and finger tips. Maybe by morning will be better.
HowdA Christie.

I would avoid getting any brand of cuticle/callous remover on your skin.
These products will either be very high pH (13) or very low pH (2)

Both are designed to remove skin, though targeted to callous and lon living tissue... your epidermis is non living and this stuff will most likely have your fingers for lunch.

Have you tried applying it with Hands Down Pads? Not sure if it can be applied that way... if not... try gloves before we have to start calling you "Stump the one handed tech from Hawaii" :rofl:

Yikes Christie :!: Keep those hands moistened down with lotion girly. The tightness isnt a nice feeling at all. Like Mr. Geek says wear gloves when doing those pedi's. I loved doing pedi's it was my best service, im not talking about those thin gloves. I mean the nice ones, i had a purple pair that had little spikey things on the bottom of the glove. The gloves were made out of that jelly type of stuff. The clients loved them. They feel really good when giveing the massages also. Saves alot of that tiredness in your hands that you get from the massageing. My hands cramp up very bad. So those gloves were a blessing to me ;) I read alot of the posts about that stuff your me i wouldnt dare even buy it..when im working on a client i dont want to have to be rushed when im working on someones feet. And it sounds like thats what you have to do with this type of product. Im sticking with my foot scrubs. I want to use something that is safe for myself as well as my clients. I dont want to be timed on working on an area that needs that extra special attention. But thats just the way i am, so dont bash me for not thinking highly of this product when i have never even tried it before. We all have our own opinions. Hope those hands get to feeling better soon. :)
They feel better today.
I have used chemical callus removers for ages. I usually use my hands to apply it and just rinse them off real quick and no probs. I did a bunch of pedis yesterday and had to use callus eliminator on them all so I think I got a little too much on my hands or just didnt rinse it off fast.

Yes you can use the hands down pads to apply the callus eliminator if.....your not too lazy. heehee
Better than your tongue :)
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