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Aug 25, 2007
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Cassington Oxford
Hello guys :green:

Ok apologies if I am asking really dumb questions but bare with me please I really want to do this right so hence dumb questions.
I have been looking at EZ flow courses in Manicure, they have listed as things i will need to do the course:
  1. Tools of the trade
  2. Cuticle care products
rather than me making a stab at what these are could someone be more specific and list them for me.
Please and thank you.
Ren :hug:
Hello , you should call to clarify what you would need , but i pressume it would be cuticle remover , cuticle nippers and cuticle pusher or curette, thats what i need anyway!:)
Sorry forgot files and lint free pads etc you best call to be sure!
Tools of the trade would be a Pro Pusher and grey fox file and the other things I think you'd have to purchase from EzFlow are the cuticle range (Cuticle love etc), Essential Oil Plus and EzBond off the top of my head, there may well be a few more bits.

Best thing to do tho is give them a ring and they will tell you exactly what you need to purchase to get you started.

Hope this helps xx

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