Totally frustrated!( a lil long)


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Jan 11, 2003
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Hi all,

I'm soo frustarted with people! :x

I had a special class lastnite, they did a class on Backscratchers, the Rep was great!.. What a cool system!!!!!! I was impressed :D

While I was there the asst pulled me aside and told me my mom owed them money for a set a nails...I told her I knew nothing about it, wasn't told my mom had to pay for a set....... What happen was, my teacher wanted to see me do a set of nails to see what I need help with. which in my opinion should've been done when I first started the refresher coarse, but anyways, we got there at 9am, and had to wait till almost 10, the teacher/ owner of the school was late (which is almost normal) I was there before they were most of the time :rolleyes:
Anyways, we were running late, the whole time we were there no one ever mentioned anything about paying, my mom even asked if we owed for anything, she said no, umm well duh, that would be a yes then, the set of nails....

So after the class my owner/ teacher looked at me and said" oh Amamnda took that job with Samantha" I'm like who is she?? She's the one that owned the salon where I'd have to pay for all my stuff, plus 428.00 rent... You know I felt like saying " geeez thanks alot for that, I'm trying to get a job, you just made me feel just wonderful :oops: ....

I want a job soo bad, but just don't have the money to buy the rest of my stuff... and she knew that money is REALLY bad right now :(

I paid 125.00 for 20 hrs of putting acrylic on tips, and that was all!!!
When I was in school(few yrs ago) when they wanted to see a full set, they didn't charge you for it.... I was soo upset....

My mom is going up today to pay her 18.00 for the set, and kinda tell her in a nice why, that all they cared about was money and that they never ever said anything about money!!!

While at that class other then talking to me about me oweing them, they never said a word to me, they hung with the students that r still there and the ones that r now in salons........

:D They( my teacher) want to shut down Tammy Taylor nails, not sure why, i was like yea, ok!!!!!! and shut down the other cheesey nails school...We have 3 schools here, the college and the 2 nail schools, that's it..

Oh yea, while there , they never went over santiztion(sp?) for salons.. I've never worked in one, so that was something I really needed to know..

Sorry to for going on..... just soo frustarted with people now of days!!!!

Techgirl said:
....... What happen was, my teacher wanted to see me do a set of nails to see what I need help with.

Hi Jamie,

I can relate to this a little. Although things are different in the UK. When I did my manicure course at college, because the college had a beauty salon where people could book appointments, it was suggested to us that when we brought in our models to work on, that the college would charge them - hello - we pay for the course. They tried to explain it was to cover the cost of the products - that was a joke, I always used my own products as the college never had any.

You have paid for your course and that is where the cost to you should end - I think that if you provide your own models so the college can assess you then the model shouldnt have to pay for helping you out. If the college want to cover this then they should either provide the models or build it into the cost of the course.
I had the same while I was in college, we were supposed to use our kits to practise on each other but use the college stuff for paying clients that came in. The college stuff was in such a bad way most of us used our own products but the clients still had to pay, its all wrong.
we should be told when enrolling about things like that so there is no breakdown of communication and the college products should be looked after a lot better and kept cleaner
At the college I was at if a client booked with the college we used the college products which was excellent and all was there that we needed, and the client paid the college.
If however we took along a client we used our own products and it was up to us if we charged the client.
Sounds like you had a rough deal Jamie and lack of communication from the tutors.
Hope things get better for you.
Take care Dawnie xx
I was never issued any kit what so ever, because I didn't take the full coarse, only a refresher, for the fact I was already licensed.... From what I got, you used only their stuff, which by the way is only creative... She's pretty much against anything else.... In fact I think I still have 2-5 hrs left :D .... but they pretty much considere me done... ;)

I know our books stores carry A lot of the Milady education books, when I get some extra money I'm going to buy a couple to learn from....also, i wasn't refreshed in manicure or pedicures..... :rolleyes:

I'm praying this get better, right now we have no incom, DH got laid off from 2 ful time jobs and we have 2 kids (2 and 1) :frust:

Thanks :)
I am really sorry to hear of you lows right now!! Many of us are mothers of 2 and the juggling act we perform to work, be wives and mothers is quite unbelievable (infact we should pat ourselves on the back more often) :rolleyes: Anyway, you said the owner of the school uses CND - is this person approachable at all :?: Most owners of schools are independants and not CND Ambassadors, so I guess I am asking, if you explain your situation and being liscenced etc couldn't she maybe help you out a little rather that charging for every breath you take :rolleyes: Is there somewhere you could booth rent near you - I assume that maybe DH will look after 1+2 :?: Just trying to think of positive ways to help - what about working from home (although I thinkthe laws are different in the states on that). Anyway - we ALL are wishing you some positive and happy changes and I am sure they will come your way as soon as! :sunny:
She "tried" to get me a job, but I couldn't afford to work there... it would of cost 300.00 to start, she said she could get my products at tyhe schools price which would of been about 100.00......
and the other salon, I needed to bring my own products and they only did 50/50...

I've explained my sitution with her, and said that when I get my stuff she'll let me know if someone is hiring.... She also ownes 1 or 2 salons as well as her Asst.......

The products that I have now are ... pink, white and clear, liquid and brush... All I need are tips, more liquid, blush and soft white powders...
She told me that I needed the other powders before I can work.... I can always wait on a brush, mine is fine for now.......

I feel for 125.00 I should've been able to have done more then apply acrylic to tips...... maybe even gotten some useful paperwork from them :D

I can use any ideas in looking for a job... especialy since I've never worked in a salon before....

Thanks for everything, ya'll have been great! :flower:

She told me I need
Hi ya Hun,
Well frustrating just a bit eh ????
Sounds like they are not very nice people there, certainly not very professional in their teaching approch.
Have they never heard of ethycs??????????????????

It's always hard when you first start out, and your start seems just that little bit harder hun, but if you are determind to make a go of things then believe me you will.
There is always a way to make a go off things, and you will find one I am 100% positive.
Like Samantha said work maybe from home ??? That way your start up cost would be much less.

Best of luck babe
love Ruth xxxx
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