Trainee hairdresser, I want to say thank you


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Feb 9, 2012
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i love doing hair colouring cutting styling the lot i cant stop thinking about it lol im doing all my friends hair etc cant wait to do my level 3 and my salon placement but after all this umming and arring if i am fully in to hairdressing and after a few fellow geeks help on here i relised it was my confidence holding me back and now i feel confident and know i love doing peoples hair n how tgey feel after and to know youve done that is amazing... i just want to say thankyou all for your help lol
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Nice to hear ! Go for it -:)
fantastic!well done and i hope you go from strength to strength sweetie,i'm a trainee too (like to think i'm an immature mature student haha) and it is surprising how many people are on my course 'for something to do' and aren't really bothered,its frustrating when you're passionate about it yourself!good luck in the future and keep your fingers crossed for me...find out on wednesday if i have a place on 2nd year!x
i know same here im a mature student but still only 23 and i love it :)

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