Training and very important to me i know my question ka


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Jul 27, 2003
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Sawasdee ka

Can lady speak me about training please .

I know have foundation course and i think is 3 days and then after have 1 day can you speak learn about what and do you have ceretificate .

I know have name conversion course can you speak what is conversion course is this when you learn to use product after use an other company product and learn change or not what do you can learn do you have certificate .

Then i know the word master is this some thing you do after conversion .
and what is learn on master course and do you have certificate.

I want to know if lady is done already 200 set of nails do she have to do conversion before master and what do you learn master and do you have master certificate .

If you have 1-1 train with master nail tech can them give you certificate for you learn with them or not .

After you have master certificate what training you can do after for certificate to number 1 level .

Kop khun ka mui ka
sawasdee ka

Maybe i not ask right .

So i try 1 more time what is highest level of certificate training and what level do you have to do on after an other to get to the high level certificate .

Kop khun ka mui ka
hiya mui
conversion is for techs that have sufficient knowledge & training.
you will learn all about creative products & how to use them to their best.
if the educator thinks that you have enough knowledge to use creative products safely, then you will be able to have an account with creative to enable you to purchase their products.

conversion is also masters pre-qualification day.
this allows the educator to assess the nail tech's ability & to see if they are ready to attend masters training.

masters is split over 4 days.
the 1st 3 days teach you different advanced techniques to bring your training upto the most recent techniques available.
day 4 is qualification day, your nails will be judged directly after application of liquid & powder, & before you have touched them with any abrasives :shock:

1-1 is used to cover any area of the training process, from 2 hours to 8 hours.

you will receive a certificate for any training you do do including 1-1.

kop khun ka friend liza ka xx
Sawasdee ka

I very happy and every thing i want know i know now and every thing you speak good for me for sure .

Kiop khun ka mui ka
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