Training as a hairdresser?


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Mar 22, 2012
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north devon
hey, i did my level 1 last year, had to have a year out, and am hoping to do level 2 this sept again! :)
Does anyone else training find it really hard to get a placement! no one gives you the time of day, you'd think someone voulentering there services, salon owners would jump at the chance,
I applied to well over 40 salons around my area, and only had about 7or 8 replies saying no! it kinda disheartens < cant spell, hahaha! you a little, i just want to get in a salon and start learning the trade properly and learning all these amazing skills you see hair stylists doing! :)

anyone else having this problem, love to chat and rant about it! haha

lots of love :)

kate xx
Yes when i wanted to do an apprenticeship most salons turned me away due to my age and the recession most salons cant afford apprentices. Now i am at college and have done some work experience in salons. good luck

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