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gold dust

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Mar 20, 2011
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Hi all
i think that continous training for staff is very important to them and for business. I have organised a trainer ( colour specialist) to come in next week for the girls, now i am not hair trained myself but beauty so dont want to miss out on this opportunity so in order to get the best from trainer what questions would you recommend are asked
I have got the girls to make a list but want to make sure we cover everything so any feedback would be much appreciated
thanks x
All depends on what you're bringing colour specialist in for, Demi colours/ permanent/ colour techniques etc.
What colours are used at your salon?

I know when I worked in a salon and we had the goldwell trainer in we had models and basically did what we wanted so we could learn & try things we hadn't done before.
Maybe make sure your staff have all the basics they need with the colour house you are using, I'm sure they will have plenty if questions etc.

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