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Jul 26, 2003
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Hi everyone

I went to G-mex yesterday and saw some brilliant aluminium travel cases on wheels with a long handle - great for mobile techs.
However, in all the excitement I forgot to get the name of the company who supply them (had already spent my budget so I couldn't get one yesterday).

Does anyone know where I can get one (or similar) from please.


By the way, the whole of my budget was spent on the Creative stand! :oops: Good job I live miles away from the OSNS or I'd never have any money :D
If they were the same ones as at excel, then they are pronails (about £165 I think) They have a website, should find it if you do a search.
I got one of these at Olympia from Salon Services. They are brilliant :D It cost £69.95. Salon Services head office is in Glasgow (0141 822 3355) but I know they have outlets all over the UK so if you give them a call they can direct you to the nearest one.

Hope this helps.

You could always be as tight as me lol I bought mine from Homebase, and it is fantastic, only draw back is it is not aluminium if you wanted that particular look. It was down to £18 in the sale a few weeks ago, i love it! It has loads of space, the only thing I don't manage to fit in is my table!!!

I do L&P, Fibreglass/silk and gel, and that all fits in with my uv lamp, table lamp, couch roll, towels, even all my polishes, and my spares. I think that is enough raving about it! But being mobile it has made my life alot easier!

I'm sure B'n'Q or similar would sell them as well.

Sue x
Could someone post a pic of what these look like please? Very curious!! :D
i got mine from beauty express... they do about six different ones.. the one i got aliminuim on wheels was 64.95 plus vat/deliver their website is
Never done this before so here goes....


That's a picture of my mobile nail case which the children sneaked into! Into the picture that is, not the case (if only! lol )

As you can see there is quite a bit of space, the bottom bit comes apart, inside both there is a tray, and the bit on the top has a tray as well, and a push out part which I keep some of my striper paints in etc! Sorry, I'm no good at descriptions, can you tell?

Hope that is of some help!

Sue x
Totally agree with Sue

l have exactly the same toolbox for my nail supplies, had it for two years and it is still going strong.

Everything from manicure, pedicure, all the nail systems, couch roll, polishes, towels you name it, it fits in there.

Easy to wheel about, a lot cheaper than the aluminumn ones, mind you they are beautiful - suppose you could spray paint the black one silver - got your own custom made one then eh!!!! :)
PM me and I will get you the details because I was looking for the same and a couple of places did them. I think you will have seen it at Salon Services though because they didn't have any catalogues or anything, just a leaflet.

The one without wheels is about £35, and the one with is £65. They are gorgeous and cheaper than I originally expected them to be!
I love the sound of these travel cases, i'm mobile and got my aluminium box from Beauty Express Student book last year (I think) but its quite small doesn't have wheels, so I can just about fit in my L&P products and have a seperate boxes for my varnishes, nails art bits, lamps, towels etc.......

Think i'll be going to homebase this weekend and having a look at Beauty Express again, could make my life much easier...

Thanks girls for the replies - I think it was Salon Services that I saw at G-mex now that you mention it.

The Homebase ones look brill but I've fallen in love with the aluminium cases and I've had some birthday money so I've just got to have one! - you know how it is! ;)

Off to call for a brochure now.

Thanks again
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