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Mar 25, 2003
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Hermosa Beach, California
Hi All,

Another question - this time about travelling.

I'm very likely to be spending some time in both Spain and LA this summer :D and would like to take my acrylic nail kit with me.

How should I carry my monomer? Should I wrap it up and take it in my suit case? I'm worried about it getting damaged in transit.

I presume that I cannot take it on as hand luggage as it's flammable.

Can anyone give me some advice on travelling with nail kits???

Many thanks,

You cant take it on the plane full stop.

Any flammable items (hand luggage or not) must be declared at check in to avoid a very serious fine or possible imprisonment.
You are best to speak to your travel agent about this before doing it. Especially in the US... if they find it in your luggage (and they do very exensive searches now) you could seriously do some time!

Hope this helps
Yep, that helps! :D

So, where can I buy Creative products in LA???

chances are... nowhere without a license.
Otherwise they would be breaking the law.

If you move down there... go to school and get licensed ;)
...and the Creative Academy can help me with that???

Kx :D :D :D
If you move to LA - we will put you in touch with CND directly in San Diego!! They will be able to help with which schools you should go to etc so don't worry :!: ;)
When I compete, I ship my stuff ahead of time to the hotel or where ever I'm staying! You could do that!
Thank you Mrs Geek. I'm trying not to get too excited in case it doesn't come off, but I also want to get myself prepared as the move will happen fairly quickly if it does go ahead.

And thank you Patti - I did wonder how competitors moved their kit about.

Thank you.

You've been a big help!

Where would I be without this board!

Many, many thanks,

Karen :D :D :D
Hi Karen,

I recently travelled to India for my wedding and I took about 50ml of was in my suitcase but I had no trouble at all.

Katrina x
Regardless of whether or not you got caught, Kat ... it is illegal to travel with flammable liquids and the aircraft and all in it were at risk because of the flammable substance you had in your luggage.

If you get caught in the USA it is a fine and/or immediate imprisonment ... are you suggesting that Karen risks that when she could easiy send it forward to her destination?

Did you read the message from the Geek? He wasn't kidding. He knows the score and now so does everyone who has read this. I suggest we all act responsibly now that we know what is the correct proceedure.
I have an address at both places so I'll be forwarding my products by post!

Not only is it easier with less to carry, but I seriously don't want a fine or even worse a prison sentence!!!! :shock:

Thank you Mr Geek for giving me the facts!

In response to Geegs post, no I am not suggesting she risks anything to travel with monomer, all I was saying was that I travelled with it, not realising it was a serious offence!!!
I will be more careful in the future now I know the facts!

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