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Aug 29, 2010
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Hi. I currently rent my own treatment room above a popular hair salon for £400 per month (which i have unlimited use) since i qualified to level2 about 18 months ago. Am i paying too much?. Each month i manage to do enough work to pay my rent and cover other overheads, however i feel that things are still not as busy as i would like. My question is- is this the position i should be at after being open for 12 months? or am i expecting too much too soon?. Do you think that i would earn more by being mobile by not having to pay rent?
I am constanly thinking of new ways to market and recently raised enough money to get a mention on my local radio station with a link to their website where people can look at my offers etc. i am also going to have an ad in a local mag that goes out to 11000 homes in the area. i am also thinking of getting a website. I would really appreciate your thoughts/suggestions as i have never ran a bussiness before and working alone can be quite lonley and isolated. Thanks eveyone.
Hey Marrissa,

A website is always a great idea. I PMed you info regarding that :)

Not sure about your question on rent, but I'm sure others will have some advice for you soon.
maybe think about different ways to get your name out of there, wedding fayre's/school fayre's, charity nights, see if there's any way of getting on the local radio station, offer a free prize for a phone in competition, in return you will get a bit air time on the radio.

Get a few leaflets printed off, and if aloud, stand on your high street, introducing yourself to everyone, giving them a leaflet, with special offer, a lovely smily face can really draw clients in.

Website is a great idea as well, you can put all your detail into lot of free to advertise online sites, that can really help too.

I pay £25 per day for the place I rent, so if you are breaking it down say roughly £100 per week over a 5 day week, that works out at £20 per day, so derending on area of course, I would say that's reasonable.

Hth, wishing you lots of new clients!!

I would consider a website hun and some advertising, maybe a special offer for september only - get those mums who's kids are goin back school, they will be in need of some pampering :)
Does the hair salon downstairs promote you? Go down and mingle, let people know your there. Maybe you could offer the stylists a treatment with a little discount?
I think your doing well hun. Just remember it takes time to build a successful business, you just have to keep at it.
As for your rent, it depends on the location. You also mention other overheads - I presume you mean your stock etc.? I hope your not paying extra for heating, water, electric because that should be included in your rent. If it isn't then yes £100 would be too much I think.

Hope this helps a little.
Good luck hun x x
Hi, I would like to give you a different point of view, Im mobile and have been for around 8 months.
I still have to factor in Van Insurance, finance payments on the van, BABTAC and personal insurance,fuel, and general overheads which month on month is about £350-£400 so quite similar.

I dont pay for advertising at all other than a website which is about £11 a month. I use facebook and word of mouth. Its getting busier bit by bit through word of mouth and i get a little bit of work from facebook.

Ive ran a busy salon before and spent literally thousands on paper advertising and got very little back from it. I too the desicion to stop advertising in that way and did posters for the window and got sooooo much work from them, and it cost me nothing!

Yes i dont have a window but I have a mouth and I regularly tell my regular clients about promotions and whats on offer to get extra business.

I think it just takes time whether your in a room or mobile .

Locus xx

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