Treatments for staff

Manda Panda

We are opening a new studio and will be employing therapists. I was wondering what everyone offered or received as way of treatments in the salon.
Most people I’ve asked say they offer 50% off treatments but these must be taken during days off or lunch breaks.
Does anyone receive free treatments at all? Say maybe one a month?


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I do free treatments for staff when we are quiet for anything involving promoting the brand. - free brows, free nails and toes during summer when wearing sandals. I do free massage once a month to keep staff in working order so to speak. If I realise they are struggling with a pain issue I do extra massage as it is better for me to give them a massage than have them call in sick with neck/back/shoulder pain. Also it's good for business if clients ask "doesn't this hurt your back" etc and girls say - "our massage manages and prevents issues".

I've only had one girl with bad skin - again it's bad for business so I'm keen to help as a case study/training model and the personal story will also help us gain more business.

Other treatments are between 20-50% off during non working hours and off peak time. Depends on the cost of products. I used to be more generous but I found staff were shy to take advantage and ended up going elsewhere and paying. That looks really bad from a client perspective - makes me look mean or suggests girls would rather go elsewhere and pay!


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We offer 70% off treatments as a rough guide to encourage the staff to take advantage of it. Occasionally free in exchange for social media pics/videos if they are willing.
We do lunch break and days off. For off peak times or if they want to book a treatment in formally, we do ask that they pay a surcharge of £10 (if I remember correctly) to cover their absence elsewhere in the company and to cover the cost of therapist.
We don't aim to make money off staff - rather consider it to be a bit of a perk as most treatments are close to cost; with a higher discount on more expensive treatments.


I have 3 girls working for me and don’t charge them for treatments. I see it as though they are adverts in the salon to customers and I’d hate for them to have messy nails. I also think it’s a perk to the job.
They aren’t allowed to book time out though, they can only do treatments on each other when they aren’t busy or have got a gap. X