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Jan 16, 2006
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have you heard about micro ring or tube hair extensions? the strands don`t need to be glued just squeezing the tube and extension to your own hair.they come in plastic and metal...are they safe.? there less damage to your own hair than the `glue` way?they stand on hair the same time as the other methods?and which brand of extensions is the best?
There are sevral brands of these, Hair Locs, Babe, Monkey Barz, Rockstar hair, just to name a few. The hair is the same quality or type of hair they offer for regular glue in services or for track and sew The difference seem to be in the application with the small bead or ring.

We just started using them and haven't noticed much difference in wear, they are much, much easier to remove than track and sew or glue in. It can be a more expensive way to put extensions in if a client has very thick hair to keep it looking nice. The average head takes between 17 and 25 packages of hair. Once the extensions are in the hair has a pieced out layered look.

There are pros and cons to either way, the ring extensions are very easy to apply and maintain. The choice of application should be based on the finished look. Choose the application that will get you the closest to your desired look.
one of the stylist uses these in the salon, the only thing that i have heard negative about them is that they slip a bit more easily than any other ones. But it is easy to tighten them back up again.

thanks for the replies...
i am going on the ring method...
thanks again
hi guys. these extension are 1.1 gram each. a full head requires between 80 - 120 extensions to complete an average full head of hair. i have been doing the ring method now for over 10 years.i was a huge user of bonding but will never go back. if you look closely at the video this system has a half size micro ring but while maintaining a full size extension at 1.1 gram. a full size 1.1 gram extension is important to give you a full head of hair. if the individual extension is less than 1 gram it may look too thin especially after layering. also if you look at the video you will see that it has a tip called the loxtip. the loxtip is very thin and durable and is what allows this system to use a smaller ring than others systems. yes in other systems you may use smaller ring too BUT you must use thinner extension. the loxtip is also heat resistant, water resistant, chemical resistant. this simply means that the hair extensions are reusable and that the client comes back to maintain her hair and extensions too make sure that her extensions are attached to ample amounts of we all know we all shed hair.lusciouslox is performed by chosen and carefully trainded salons here in australia and now looking for the right distributor to support this product with the correct training and support as we are doing over here.any questions pease feel free to ask .giovanni :green:
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