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Sep 17, 2003
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Could somebody please tell me if there is a tutorial for f/glass infill?

This would be very helpful as im having problems when filing that f/glass fibres are coming through the top layer maybe im filing to much product but dont want to be left with thick nails or maybe there was not enough layers of resin?

Also when removing polish the top suface layer of resin goes cloudy white in places could this be the polish remover i use?

Any suggestions?

Cristine :)
There is not a tutorial yet for FG infills. We are going to put up a Fabric# tutorial when the Geek has time.

If fibre is showing through, then you are correct, you are filing too much or using too little resin. You know for sure.

The cloudiness is caused by your remover but is only surface and can be buffed away very quickly with a white block buffer or similar.
Sawasdee kha

I look 5 tutrial on geek and very happy when i go back my shop i make printer and copy and look many time for sure .

Photo in tut very good and can look everything many time .

Kop khun kha mui
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