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Sep 16, 2007
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Hi, I have been put in the deep end at work and was wondering if any lecturers could help me.
I need a complete scheme of work for NVQ2 hair running for 2 a year course as day release.
Any help appriciated to get me started, my e-mail is rachaelgrant@bulldog home.com, thanks.
A scheme of work is something that you have to complete when training at college to be a teacher of any kind,
this is something that you have to do yourself, for the 2 yr course,
have you not been given any examples or course books to work and gain research from???
I know how to and what is a scheme of work is, what I am asking is if any tutors have a scheme of work for NVQ2 hair running as a day release 2 year course, as this would help me start with the set up, it would save me a hell of a lot of work, as I have been landed in the deep end and would need to do lesson plans etc, plus running the courses I already do, I need help just to give me a start, as the time it would take to sort through the week to week planning etc is against me.
I would appriciate any help from tutors that have this info, I can use as guidence so I don't bugger up the students basically.
Asking alot I know, but help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry hun i cant help, i dont do hair,
i thought you were asking cos you were doing a college course

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