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Nov 12, 2007
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Hello all.

Hoping you can help me.

I have 2 questions here.

As the title suggests I'm a male looking for advice on my hair.

I have fairly longish hair, not ponytail length or anything like that but the back does come down to the bottom of my neck, it's not like a mullet as it's longish on top as well but I find this style suits my face as short hair really doesn't suit me (or so I think).

Here's the hair is really thick, I'm 31 and I'm not (touch wood) receeding yet but as soon as I wash it, it bushes up so I have to use straightners, this is ok but 2-3 hours after or if I go out my hair does go very frizzy and "bouncy"
I've tried using my girlfriends frizz-ease and that really didn't work and I don't like wearing too much gel/wax (too old for that really now).

I find I have to leave it a couple of days without washing it for it to look it's best which is far from ideal.
I'm a white guy just so you know what my hair type is but I remember I once had X-tenso on it and it looked good, so really my questions are.

1) Can I do anything else other than straighten?
2) Can I buy the X-tenso product from somewhere for use at home, due to my job I don't have to much time sadly to sit in salons.

My other query is that I've started noticing a few white/grey hairs I hate these with a passion so when I see one I pull it out, I don't think I'd ever dye my hair so is this a good or bad thing?
I've heard some say if you pull it out 2 grow back but I can't beleive that the case otherwise every bloke would pull out all their hair all the time to stop them from losing their hair :)

thanks in advance.
Hi Matteo, I dont use extenso so I cant help sorry , but I just wanted to say welcome to salon geek :hug:

I know that if you keep pulling out your white hairs you can distort the hair follicle from where it grows, and it can then grow back more wiry and curly.

You would be better asking a good salon to put on a quasi (a longer lasting semi permanent) to blend them in eg Wella colour fresh covers first greys very well , Loreal also do them too :hug: .

Extenso is a Salon Exclusive product, so your stuck going to the salon for that. If pulling a grey hair out made more come in I'd be ALL over that!!! I'll stick to coloring, I guess.
Well thanks for the heads up.
I managed to pick up some X-tenso from ebay and I went to see my personal hairdresser, she's a ex pro who operates from home and she was quite surprised when I walked in with it.
She'd been to Sallys and picked up a similar product for me as they dont stock the X-tenso range and so she used the X-tenso for me then used the solution from hers to netralize it.
It looks good feels so much thinner already, apparently I can't wash it for 24 hours so will leave it a day then wash it out and straighten it.

Minky you are totally correct about pulling them out, I've noticed I get them both wirery and curly but its the odd one here and there so not worth covering it up yet.

Anyway does anyone know how long X-tenso is supposed to last?
Cheers :)
Im new to this site so thought I would jump straight in :eek:
I cant answer on the extensio product, however, the old saying about if you pull out a white hair then two grows back actualy comes from the fact that because the hair is pulled out at the root, some damage can be caused slowing down the rate at which that hair returns ( grows back) by which time, there is a strong chance that a hair close by may have begun to grow through with a change in colour as nature intended ( ie loss of pigment to white hair).
the change in apearance of hair when it goes white is because the cuticle ( fish scale appearance out layer of the hair ) often becomes what is called ' Keratinised ', the number of layers in the cuticle increases and the scales on the cuticle become more more tightly packed together, in some cases, changing the shape of the hair and there fore how it appears to you ( ie becoming more wavey etc)... this Keratinisastion process also requires a different approach for successful colouring and other treatments in some cases.

Hope that adds something else into the poit of infomation for you..nice to see a guy on here asking questions too :)
oooh thanks for the science bit :)

That was one hell of an informative reply.

So is there anyway to stop hairs turning grey/white or is just old age and the body's general failure? My stylist went ape at me once because she was cutting my hair (it's medium length) and she'd turned to pick up the spray, as she did I'd seen one in the mirror so ripped the bugger out, she wasn't happy at all.

At the moment I'm quite lucky I still have all my hair but the odd grey one does appear in a few places, I say odd there's a few more coming now :cry:

I don't think I'm the only bloke on here, and before you think it no I'm not gay lol :lol:
nope unfortunately you can't stop it your hair from going white...and why would you want to?...with the right cut, and providing it is loked after well, it can be the most beautiful hair colour. eye catching, classy and stunning.

there are some medications and treatments that CAN affect the hair, sometimes the result is permenant, some times temporary, but we stil appear to know very little about why this happens or how to reverse any adverse affects...
so go white ( no such thing as grey as all the pro's on here know) with grace and style and let the silver fox side of you shine out ;-)
Heh, but I'm not a silver fox, well not just yet, I reckon I've got 7-10 more years left of being dark :)

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