Uniform has not arrived-advice needed!


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Apr 27, 2012
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I signed up for a beauty therapy course last Thurs and ordered 2 black tunics on Fri from 2 different companies online (Salondirect and LaBeeby) -neither of which has turned up as yet. My first class is Sat morning and I'm in a panic in case they do not arrive by tomorrow. What should I wear if I don't have a black tunic? Can I wear a black dress/any black top with trousers? Should it be long/short sleeves? Since I've never taken a lesson, I've never seen a uniform. Advice appreciated. Where do you buy level 2 ITEC beauty kits? Which companies have the best kits?

thank you
Don't worry I'm sure it happens all the time. Black trousers and black t-shirt is always a good alternative.
smart black trousers and a black t-shirt, mainly short sleeved. Be sure to tie your hair back too and no nail polish. this happened to my friend but luckily we're the same size so I just lent her one of mine.
Thanks ladies, I will find a t-shirt just in case. Oh I didn't realise we were not allowed to wear nail polish, must remember to take it off.
I'm not sure but every course I've done has said no nail polish and no extensions. IT's just worth taking it off in-case.
yep black t shirt and trousers should be fine. did the college not send you a list of what you should wear and what you need? but as said, no nail polish, nails should be short, hair tied back and make up immaculate xx good luck with the course
They did say black uniform but it didn't arrive as yet. I was told neat nails, hair tied back with headband. My first class is eyelash tinting/extensions as it's running before my ITEC 2 course officially begins in June. I know that I have to get kits before classes, and I was sold the kits for that class. However when the course begins I have waxing, then facials, then mani/pedi the first few classes. I'm confused over what exactly I should get as I haven't been given a list of what I actually need to get, so I'm unsure what should be in them. Where do you usually buy kits? I'm really excited to start :D.
My tunic from Salon Direct has arrived! Panic over, whew. My first class is tomorrow, can't wait!

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