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Jun 16, 2004
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If it is anyones' birthday coming up then have a look at these www.thecakestore.com There are some wicked designs on the site! My favourite is the Louis Vuitton Bag cake! There's also some funny "saucy" ones as well. Great for Hen parties!
Nothing to do with nails but i had to share it!
fantastic site... Dexter nearly went mad at the Buzz Lightyear!!!!
Slatters are excellent bakers and have been around for yonks! They made my 18th, 21st, engagement cake and my wedding cake (been married 26 years!) so shows just how long they've been around for! Would recommend them to anyone.
Aww i know what Dexter feels like, when i was looking on the site i wanted to order 1 of everything! And that was only in the kids section! lol But i am definately gonna have to get 1 for my birthday when it comes around:D

Crystal100- 26 years! That's great! Maybe it was something in the cakes! My mum and dad have also been together for a long time about 35 years!
Wow! Must put that site in my favourites! Thanks for posting Rachel
Hi Suey,
Yeah it's good isn't it! I've got it in my favourites too. Am going to show my mum, see if she wants to get me one for my 21st! Cheeky! But can't resist the temptation:green:
Take care * * *

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