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Apr 26, 2012
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Haywards Heath
Evening all! Need to pick your brains please!

I had a new client in the salon today, nails were ridged (longitudinal) and weak/a little thin, but what concerned me was that on all her fingernails there was a very distinct red band on the nail bed, just behind the free edge of the nail. Having been a tech for over 9 years now I've seen a few disorders of the nail (onycholysis/leukonychia etc) but nothing like this. I have been trawling through my books and notes to discover the possible causes of this but to no avail!

Any advice or a prod in the right direction would be fabs

Ta! :confused:
Hmmm I would love to help but have no idea. Sounds extremely interesting though?

Have you got a picture?
This is really freaky but I had a client with the same today. She told me that she was on medication and anaemic. Could that be it?
No sorry, never a camera around when ya need one!
This is really freaky but I had a client with the same today. She told me that she was on medication and anaemic. Could that be it?
Well, looking up many many sites on the net it may indicate something systemic within the body but I'm still clueless - the client is diabetic but not insulin dependant but I've not heard of this being asociated with diabetes??
Was it not a red ring caused by over filing ?
It is a health issue and if she has not done it already, then she needs a check up from her GP. It is not up to you to either solve the issue or recognize what it is ... that is a doctors job. YOur job is just advise your client kindly and sensitively that she should see a GP for a health check.
Was she a nail biter in the past?

This is not uncommon when the hyponychium has been held back by biting and then allowed to recover after breaking the habit
I was taught that meant high alcohol consumption,I guess that points to poor liver function...
Sounds like a splinter Hemaorrhage. It is streaks of blood under the nail plate...This is caused by trauma. A visit to the Doctor for this kind of thing, if severe!
This is a perfect example of why we as nail technicians are not qualified to diagnose when we SEE these things let alone over the internet where we cant; Precisely why we advise to see a doctor.

You have been given three different 'disgnoses' by three different people, none of whom is correct and also only speculation!

Splinter haemorrhages are very distinct and nothing like your description and it would be almost impossible for them to be on every finger unless she was hanging on a cliff edge by her nails recently.

As to the other two suggestions; that is the job of a doctor to find out.
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I said it sounds like. Not that it is Geeg. I know you can't tell without pictures. But Just saying what it sounds like. We would be stupid to diagnose without any pics.
Sorry, but It doesn't even sound like it. The description given by the poster doesn't remotely describe how a splinter haemorrhage appears. Splinter haemorrhages look just like splinters ... like tiny black lines where a minute amount of blood has seeped along the grooves of the bed epithelium. They don't look red and it would be a very rare case indeed where you would see them on all fingers.

Apart from the simplest of nail conditions, nail technicians can't even tell with pictures, never mind without them .. nor should they be trying to.

This is a teaching site. Posts like all of the above attempts, just confuse when what we should be doing is guiding the OP in the right direction of what to do as professionals. The simple answer is to refer the client to a doctor who can help her ... We cannot.

I never indicated that any one of the posts said what this condition IS. If you wish to carry on this debate via private message then that is how it should be done and not here on the forum.
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I admit, I took it a little personal that you pointed me out to be totally wrong, when it was a suggestion.

I said. It sounds like. A splinter haem can run into a line by bleeding (hense red line under the nail), not just stay into a spot form. I am just putting a condition out there, which relates to what was discribed as a red line. I do admit, I misread OP saying ALL fingers.

After more thought I agree with geeg...

This is not common to see and while it may be something unimportant...
I am assuming you are describing something resembling the picture in the link below, But on all 10 nails?
Red band nail -DermNet

There are some causes of this condition that can be sinister
and only a doctor could confirm or deny this safely...
Thank you ladies for all your replies - its great to have support from you all when these odd things arise!

Envy - yes all of my clients fingers look like the photo you kindly sent me a link to. Sorry Skorpy but they're definitley not splinter haemorrhages (seen a few of those before!) And thank you Geeg, I will be advising my client to talk to her doctor when I see her next

Many thanks again ladies!

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