Urgent first repair job, small chip in Gelish how to fix?


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Jul 2, 2013
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i did a girls nails yesterday and have had a message from here mother this morning saying they are all still lovely but apparently one had a snag on it and she caught it on her clothes and it has caused a chip. So iv not done a repair before (i only trained earlier in the year with harmony) do i remove the whole thing a redo or can i buff it down a little where the chip is and re apply to that area? any advice would be great thank you all so much. Her nails are very short so im quite surprised but as a youngun perhaps she has been less careful?
If it is only a small chip I would buff to smooth the edges of the chip & reapply to 'fill in' rather than remove the whole nail. I usually top coat the whole nail to smooth everything over & it looks good as new :) xx
Thank you, i will have to wait to see what constitutes a 'small' chip in my customers eyes lol fingers crossed its not a full removal. One other question buffing it back around the chip and filling in does that mess with the integrity of the existing gelish?
I don't work with Gelish I work with Orly Gel FX but I've known from experience of doing my own nails that buffing and re applying to the chipped area does not work it eventually peels away almost immediately and takes more of the existing gel with it I would re do the whole nail It shouldn't take too long what time would you be saving by not?? Xx

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I agree - you will get a better result in removing and re-applying. You will feel more confident that it will last.
Thanks guys i think the thing is i dont mind removing the whole thing but i always feel bad for keeping the clients in for a longer time if you see what i mean? like yesterday i had two clients at one house one wanted french which takes me longer than usual and the other had really short nails with really bad cuticles and wanted black with extra sparkle so that took me longer than usual the clients never seem to mind but i always feel bad for taking longer :sad:
Try not worry about how long it takes, just concentrate on doing a good job, that's what will keep your clients coming back :) with regards the original question, either way will work & I have no problems with my Gelish lasting on the odd occasion that I've had to do a repair in this way but do whichever you feel most confident with xx
Thanks like i say this is my first repair so i think im doing ok (unless of course everyone else chipped peeled and popped and they just hated it so much they went elsewhere lol) i think i will asses the damage once she is here and make a decision once again thank you all for the help xx
I usually find if gelish has chipped then the nail has broken underneath. Causing the chip. Not always the case but I would recommend a soak off and redo for the nail.

I have to the odd 'fill' before but only on my mum and sister as I know there not too fussed haha.

Laura xx
I did the same thing to myself yesterday on a zip :/ I buffed but to be honest, I couldn't get a perfect enough finish on it, so I soaked off and reapplied. In fact I did all of them...any excuse ;) xx

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all done removed it all and re applied took 15 minutes and i now have one happy customer x thanks guys

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