Using CND L&P and Brisa with other glitters


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Jun 18, 2011
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Hi all,

Im just wondering if anyone has used other brands alongside Cnd products to create glitter/coured acrylics?

Also I have seen some gorgeous neon gels in pro Impressions catalogue id love to try alongside my brisa to be able to create more colours and effects etc just wondered if anyone had tried it and what the wear was like? I.e any service breakdown?

Im fully aware of using full product lines together but seen as CND dont offer such colours and my clients are asking for it I thought id see if anyone has tried it.

Plus Im too impatient to wait for the cnd pigments to come out!!
I would WAIT!! Before wasting your money on products which when you get them you wish you hadnt botherd!! We've all bought thing then wish we had waited!

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