Using foils with CND Shellac


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Hi guys

Hoping someone can help me!

I would love to create foil hearts/stars etc on nails (like DryBy London if anyone is familiar with their work) however I cannot get the foil to just stick to one specific area. I've tried using Lecente's Layerit over the colour and then painting on the shape, hoping that this would stop the foil transferring to the whole nail but nope! Doesn't work. I've tried painting the whole nail, top coating, wiping inhibition layer and then painting the shape but again it still sticks even when the sticky layer is removed! What am I doing wrong?!

Hope this makes sense. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Ellie x

Could you try to very lightly buff the top coat before you add the shape? Im pretty sure i remember a trainer doing this somewhere just now 100% sure though.