uv cured acrylic


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Nov 13, 2007
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hi geeks,
I am starting my course on the 1st of december and it is using uv cured acrylic has anyone used this and what do they think of it?:green: x
Is it Acrygel that you are training in?
I had a demo of this at Gmex and to honest i didn't like it at all, it didn't even look nice as a nno and i have good nails to start with so its not hard to make them look good hth
hi there where are you doing your course?

e-nails in eccles! have u done it? x
i have heard good and bad and i have asked all these questions to the guy. they have changed the supplier and someone on here told me the kit is well worth it! and i will have sound knowledge. i have also learned a lot from this website and from what books etc. i just hope its better now than that. all these posts are from a couple of years ago and i know the guy is on here reading these so hopefully it will be better. thanks for letting me know. has anyone recently done the enails course?? kirsty x

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