UV Gel Glitter & Flower Stamping


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Aug 31, 2007
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Hi Ladys
it is the first time that I that I upload something in here. It is a NNO worked with UV Gel and Stamping

I can't get the Pic uploaded straight to the Board so I do it this way

I am too new to nails comment - but they look amazing and make me feel very hopeless!
You are one very talented lady.
Very pretty and lovely colours too.
what stamping system do you use? the flowers are great!!!! :)
For the Stamping it self i use Konad. Then i got all pattern plates so far that are exist on the market from Konad, Amisy GCCOL or Magno Nails.
Thats a Pattern from Magno Nails
wow they are so pretty.i love the colour of the glitter,can i ask what you used? thanks:)
It is from the Company Aretini Glitter Pink
Im Very New To Nails And I Carnt Wait Until I Can Do Designs Like That ,they Are Very Pretty ,well Done You :d

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