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Jan 12, 2003
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Just to let you all know that there is no such thing as VAT free at a show and that exhibiters are not allowed to say VAT free because it is illegal not to charge VAT. Someone has to pay it!!
They can offer to pay the VAT for you, OR

They can offer special DEALS at the show which are generally worth more than a 17.5% discount.

The Creative Stand will as usual have some killer DEALS on the go and there will be a list of them when you get there. So enjoy.
my mistake geeg :oops:
Actually it is not your mistake babe! Many many people think they are getting VAT free when they are not.

Every time
there is a show someone asks if Creative are doing VAT free like the 'other' companies and I have to tell them the same story.

The organisers actually have supposedly banned anyone claiming to offer VAT free. They still do it though!!

Just letting you know that Creative deals are in fact worth more than VAT free sometimes there are savings of 25% and more on selected items and thse are always good things like liquid and the more expensive stuff.
i shall be there with my cash cheque book credit cards .............. ekk hubbies broken out in a cold sweat lol maybe they will take him on part ex lol thanks geeg again you always know the score! oh why do you live so far away? would so love some one to one training oh well will have to book a little hol lol :D lol he's realy having a fit now :shock:
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