very confused about gels!!!


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Aug 30, 2007
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doncaster s yorks
hi i am currently doing the en gel nail course ( only just started) but im a lil confused as all the pics ive seen of finished gel nails have very brite white tips and look stunning
howeva mine are really dull and see through. is it the tips that are used to make them look so white i know i prob sound really dumb but this really is all very very new to me :o
You'll more than likely find that the techs have used white sculpting gel or POW (paint on white).

Are you applying enough white gel?

You say they're dull, do you apply a finishing gloss or top gloss gel to leave them shiny?
the gel they supplied with my kit is totally clear?
the gel they supplied with my kit is totally clear?
ahh ok... in that case the only way you'll be able to get a french finish is by using white tip...
(be aware that you really need killer nail beds to be able to wear white tips that look in proportion with the rest of the nail bed once applied).

The problem with using white tips with gel is that the UV light tends to bounce off the white tip and that can cause an incomplete cure.

Does EN offer a white gel?

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