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Nov 8, 2013
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hi guys, i am really unsure how to use these booster drops, any help would be great? Also ive heard that victoria beckham herself has LA spray tans! this will be great to promote that i am using the same solution. How do you promote yourself, is a website beneficial, as its quite costly, or is there cheaper alternative? thanks in advance x
If it's true about Victoria Beckham then that's great publicity for LA Tan :) I also use there solution so would love to tell clients she's a fan :) :) x
I haven't tried LA tan but i do use booster drops for spraying legs sometimes, you just add a few drops to your cup and shake well
thanks Tigan, do you know the ratio? is there so many drops per so much solution?
thanks Tigan, do you know the ratio? is there so many drops per so much solution?

It depends on the strength of the drops. They should have instructions on the bottle. Mine increase solution by 1% by adding 10 drops to 100ml from memory hth x
Hi, i pop in 3/4 drops then test on a towel for colour, most cups are same size, so i would go with what you normally fill it to, i fill mine 3/4 or so.
If your just doing legs with booster like i do, i would spray the top of body first with the plain solution then change cups with the booster in it to do legs, that way if you wanted a little boost anywhere else at the end you can.
great, thats helped. i understand now, thank you x

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