Views on PayPal here card reader?


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Does anyone use PayPal here. And how do you find it?
I don't because I've used PayPal for eBay and clients people can actually stop payments and claim back money x

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I accept paypal with quit a few of my clients, they send the payment and I transfer straight to bank, no fee's or hassle as yet! I have set up a business account with them and never had a problem xx

No fees? Are you sure?

Vic x

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I use it at the salon never had a problem and money is instant :)

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I use the paypal app on my phone to take card payments, I love the fact that I can send straight into my bank account have used others where I had to wait 9 days for it to appear in my account!
You lose a small % ( 5% I believe) which shows up as soon as it goes into paypal, if you have a card reader I believe you pay less commission but obviously you pay for the reader
Here too. I love using paypal.