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Aug 5, 2010
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Milton Keynes
I've spent all day scouring this website. And I could make all sorts of excuses and claim I've done detailed business plans (I have but with no experience in hairdressing they aren't worth the paper they're written on) and I know "tons" about how businesses should run because I'm an armchair manager on The Apprentice and blah blah blah....

But... I want honest feedback. And I mean, brutally honest feedback.

I'm looking to employ hair stylists. I keep reading about minimum wages and commissions etc. And I am SO confused. I'd rather just pay a flat wage. But it seems every hair stylist is on basic / commission.

If I offer my stylists a flat wage, what would you say was a fair wage? I have an idea of what I want to offer based on the current business' accounts and I'm looking to see what others think. I am in North Buckinghamshire....

Basically, as my Husband said, I view my employee's as people and not "cash cows"... And I'm hoping if I pay a fair wage they'll do the best for my business that they can without taking advantage. The salon I'm taking over (to all extents and purposes) is currently paying 32% commission per client (and I'm not sure what on retail without getting it all out in front of me) and if they don't meet min. wage it's made up to that...

I want to motivate my staff to do their absolute best. But I have no experience of hairdressing... In fact in my experience no staff ever work as hard as if they're working for themselves. Usually I'm dealing with people in an industry I understand and know well... This is the first time I'm out of my depth and I could really use some insight.
We use the basic plus commission system so we can pay people what they are worth to the salon.
2 stylists, both equally qualified. One brings in 1000 a week. The other works over her time, fits people in, upscales her treatments and retails. She brings in 2000 a week. Who should be paid more? or should they be paid the same?
Salary structures should reflect both the employees value to the company, and their future value. If you don't pay correctly, you can bet your bottom dollar that the salon down the road will.
Nothing motivates employees like money. They should have the same basic and then a comission based scheme. They will go the extra mile to sell a product of get a repeat booking if there is a reward for them at the end of it. I think they definately need some sort of incentive or they wont bother, they will be happy to go home with their set salary in their pocket!!
Thanks girls! That answered my question perfectly! Commission it is then. :)

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