Warm wax for Intimate Waxing


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Aug 24, 2010
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Can someone recommend a good quality warm wax for intimate waxing? I currently use Perron Rigot Cristal Ocean for my warm waxing but was wondering if there is another that's better? xx
Is there a particular reason you don't use hot wax for intimate waxing??? PR cristal is a superb wax (I'm a Berins girl myself but I know it's good as played with it when training with Andy R) but I'd personally never use strip wax for intimate waxing... either Berins Blue or PRs euro blonde i think it's called (I'm sure Lycon is good too but not tried it so can't really judge...) would be my wax of choice for anything on terminal hairs.
Personal preference, I have Euroblonde and it is a good wax but I find hot wax hard to use and lack confidence so I want to see if warm wax for intimate waxing is more my thing! Cristal ocean is good but wondered if there was a better one for intimate. However I offer intimate waxing I want it to be with the best product. I don't want this thread turned in to a debate over whether hot/warm wax is best, I simply want to know which is the best warm wax to use for intimate waxing :)
I think that Cristal Ocean may be a little too thin for Brazilians, so maybe a cream wax. Nacre Blanche would be great.
Thanks Kim, I thought it may be too thin, will give that one a go xxx

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