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Aug 12, 2003
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Hi all,

Was just wondering......

When doing enhancements, you dipsose of anything in your little metal bin by the side of you. Well what do you do when its full?

Sounds a stupid question I know but I wasn't sure if there were any legal requirements for this type of waste. Being homebased is it safe to just dispose outside with all your other household rubbish for the dustbin men to collect once a week as they do, or is there a special way you have to do so?

xx Tamm
As far as i know, you can dispose of your waste as everyone else in the salon does. If you couldn't, i can't imagine what you would do to dispose of trash. I personally just bag it all up and throw it in the dumpster.
i can remember from when doing my foundation with debbie easter. that legally we are supposed to ring council to collect our waste separately, although i am not sure how many if any do this. maybe others on this site could let us know what they do with their waste.

janice x
DEsigner Nails (the salon) had 6 full time techs working and produced quite a bit of waste.

We always had the council pick it up as Hazardous Waste - once a week.
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