wasting time with gels!?


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Apr 29, 2009
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Hi all,
I currently work part time in a salon doing gels, mainly toes, but as its nearly wintre things havnt been as busy 4 me. My area like acrylics so by doin gels I thought might be abit different but iam starting to think I should just stick with acrylics?
I really enjoy workin with gels so don't now what to do?

Thanks for any advice Xx
Hang in there!
Is there anyway you can persuade your "toe" customers to try it on thier hands?
Or offer a discount on fingers so that you can get some more in the door?
Maybe invest in some new colours? Depends what system you are using but this is a good time to get your autumn / winter colours on display ready for the onslaught of Christmas parties etc.
When I started with gels it was slow, but now that my clients have found it they wouldn't go back to acrylics ...
Don't dispair .. this is a quiet time for a lot of techs ... maybe you could use the time to up your advertising?
Hope it soon picks up, and get canvassing some new clients for those beautiful gels on hands!

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