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Mar 11, 2003
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im thinkin about doin the creative nail course inmy area, and jus wanted some advice really.

has anyone done one? was it expensive?

i dont know wether or not to do a college course for 18 weeks or do this one?

wat you all think??

definatly do the creative course ,it will most probably better than a college course .i went to college for a year :!: what a waste of money just done the creative conversion wish i had done a creative course in the first place ,excellent educator i had and you get ongoing help and support after you have done the course.not all educators in colleges are even nail techs, as i have been finding out.my college teacher was a nail tech but not good at teaching,so didnt learn that much
did you not find that you need the qualification of the college course for most jobs tho? or do most people recongnise the creative qual?
Everyone recognises the Creative Nail Academy Certificate but some councils also require the NVQ.

Look at the 'Olympia' thread to read about our award. ALSO Lisa Smith a Creative ambassador won the Winner of winners Nail competition and we also won the Tip and Overlay section with Creative. IM SO HAPPY.

Creative nail Academy courses are not cheap, but 'value added' as part of the course fee includes a professional kit of product and the Nail trainer to work on. Nothing GREAT comes cheap. It would be worth nothing if it did AND you get the best of trainers and product in my opinion.
Hey Nikita

Im doing creative nail training after I have finished college. I looked at loads of different courses but CND outshone them all for me. Plus, as geeg said, everyone recognises the creative nail academy certificate, plus, they just won the award for best training...it says it all really!! They seem (they are!!) a very professional company, and I have no problems with spending a lot of money for their courses, if it means I am getting the best training there is!! I wana be a better than good nail tech!!

Dont forget me layla :D still gonna do it together. After seeing the super sonic sculpting it has made my mind up that as i am not trained in l+p i am definatly going to do the CND course. I second that layla they are a very professional company and i will have no problems spending the money on that. The way i see it if you want to be the best then it is gonna cost you if you really dont care then go for a cheap and nasty place. i am with creative all the way :D
love faye xx
I went to college for a year to get my VTCT in advanced nails and I learnt heaps but I would also like to do some creative courses later in the year to get that extra bit of flare lol.......I mean heaps more flare
Hope this helps Dawnie xx
Yup faye, its gona be wicked!!!! Cannot wait ;) ;)

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