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Jan 12, 2003
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Cardiff, Wales
Been told to post this up by Ruthy :

Samantha got a call from BBC today, the MMA episode will NOT be on tonight. It should be on next week though. But hey - at least Sam will see his show nxt week!!!! ;) ;)

Just to let you know :rolleyes:


Why are they doing this to us? Can they not just put it on and put us out of our misery!
god i look like a plum again i ave told all my clients...

oh well lets hope it is on for sure next week

...i have 7 videos in my house and i spent all afternoon finding one that actually taped properly!
sat and watched it...and it didnt come on...shopuld have checked the geek site earlier oh well heres to next week
GUTTED :fire:
i can't believe yet AGAIN i told the world & their wives about it AGAIN, & they changed it AGAIN :evil:
i had 7 students on a foundation course since sunday, & we've talked about it loads over the last 3 days... how embarassing :oops:
lets hope they don't let us down AGAIN nxt week :shock:
lol liza xx
Well I'll be keeping an eye on the website 'cos they tell you what will be on the show in the episode. Im just waiting for 'em to update it!

Hi All,

I'm off to Florida 8) (tomorrow) Thursday morning for 3 weeks :D which means that I will miss the Watchdog programme :( would someone be kind enough to tape if for me so that I can watch it when i get back please?
hi ya all

is the nails topic on watchdog tommorrow night...

I really hope soooooo

Cazza :D :D :D
it should be 7:00pm BBC 1 TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!!
:p :p :p WICKED!!!!!
Thank goodness my client has cancelled tomorrow evening!!!!! (Re-booked I hasten to add :) )

Any suggestions on keeping the kids quiet - apart from binding and gagging them?!!!!!!! :silly:
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