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Jan 11, 2003
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BBC 1 has done research into 'acrylic nails'. :shock: ...

Watchdog researcher Helen Gibson called me yesterday to 'help'. They have even called Doug Schoon in the USA :shock: . As far as I am aware, this program will expose the damage that NNS can inflict on the unsuspecting public. Since Doug is in the USA and couldn't fly over, Samuel Sweet aka The Nail Geek was the UK choice!! I can only speak for what's happening tomorrow, but our very own Liza Smith will be demo-ing Mosaics and Metro powders at Tips 'n' Toes in Chelsea (possibly Jacqui Jefford will be doing Airbrushing too) - A BIG THANKS to Valerie Sarpot and Ruth Harrison who own the salon :thumbsup: Later Samuel will be filmed at Michaeljohn in Mayfair discussing EMA / MMA and what the general public need to be aware of (many thanks to JOHN PROTHERO at Michaeljohn)!!
Let's hope that this type of publicity will be very positive for those of us professionals out there and interesting :rolleyes: to see how the NSS react, if at all :x I also think it is fantastic that this program was referred to CND teks and R&D time and time again for the 'professionals point of view!!! Nice to know that the Education route may pay off in the end!! :D Wish The Nail Geek luck and let's hope we get some decent air-time!! Once they start editing it maybe 20 secs :shock: Just make sure you say the name Creative Nail Design at least twice babe!!! :tongue:

The program will be aired next Tuesday at 7:00 on BBC 1 (so NO Emmerdale that night ladies) :rolleyes: - good luck Geek Boy and knock 'em dead!!! xx :oops: 8) :thumbsup: :salute:
Wicked :salute:

Its about time the public found out through national tv ( god i love watchdog)

Good luck geek

Caz :D :D
This will be worth watching.........Will you be wearing the GEEK T-SHIRT????
lets hope it has decent airtime 8)
It's a fab opportunity for our Industry to educate the public........
MMA my favorite subject lol ............
I wouldn't hold my breath on NSS responding, they keep very quiet about their goings on... :twisted: ......
It's such a shame, because some of the most brilliant Techs work in there, and would be a credit to the industry if only they would use, the right products... :!: :!: :!: ...............
GO AND GET EM' SAM :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

aah Liza in the big smoke... 8) ............. well if I wasn't fully booked I would love to go and see her in action... :D :D .........have seen her in her Salon and boy she rocks..... 8) 8) ............

So go and strut your stuff Hun . :D 8) ;) ...............

love Ruth xxxxxxxx
Good luck for tommorrow sam! i bet you will be great you should have some sorta signal lined up like a nervous twitch or something so us geeks out there know your saying 'hi guys ' lol
Its a great oppotunity to put the record straight and im sure everyone will agree when i say they have the best man for the job 8)
go geek!!!!!!!!!!
nickki jonesx
good luck sam knock em dead.................
i aggree its about time that it was made public on national tv and i know that someone from a well respected company that are against NSS to get the message across....................

god could you imagine how much air time there would be if mum got on there :D :D noone would get a word in edge ways :D

but hey mum is passionate about her job ....................

love faye xxxxxxxx

go sam go
go kick some ass :D
First Watchdog, then you'll have your own show!!!!!

Let's just hope that the public finally realise that cheap is certainly not better. I'll have all my clients round to watch it and I'll be pointing at the tv going that's Mr Geek :fro: himself (drool, faint, drool!!!!).
Okay guys and gals, so what do you think the viewing figures will be for that slot......................hmmm...............20 mill


Good luck el Geeko, rest assured us Geekettes will be behind you all the way!!

hey sam,

are we expected to ask for your autograph now? :salute: good luck and have fun, we're all there with you!

i`m keeping everything crossed that you get good airtime.
i for one will be glued to the sofa :ack:
Hey all...

It was a blast. Had a really good laugh with everyone. The crew were too cool.
They were very concerned that the points were all valid and not hype and spin. I am hoping it will be a good piece.

The problem is... we wont really know until its aired next week :(

Hope the message is still right once its all been cut up and arranged.

Liza Smith did some funky nails and Jaqui Jefford (the Jeff) did some airbrushing and an interview as well.

Special thanks to Tips and Toes on Kings Road, Michaeljohn, and St. Olgas for letting us all barge in and take over their salons.

I am going to revamp the MMA article to cover things we talked about (and were not able to talk about) in more depth this week.

thanks for everyones kind support... heres to hoping like hell it comes out right :!:
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