water decals.


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Sep 22, 2006
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Just reading about nail decals. I have a few that i have tried, but can you apply acrylic or gel ontop of these as they dont seem to last any longer than a few days, even with nail art sealer. Just wondring thats all.
I have sealed them within UV Gel, and also withing Gel-resin (aka Dips) with absolutely no problem.

Hope this helps

Oh great. Have you tried them in acrylic? But great anyway.:p
I have never done it in acrylic.
But I see no reason why not. Dips are with acrylic powder.
I guess for acrylic, you apply your base of acrylic whatever... let it 'cure', and then apply the decals and either A) apply a uv gloss over OR B) apply a thin layer of clear acrylic over them. Everything else like foils, flakes, shells, money etc is encased in acrylic.
Mind you.. I'm wondering about the 'decal' reacting to monomer? So maybe just UV gel gloss top coat it?

Give it a try. When in doubt, have a play on yourself.
that's what I always do.

Good luck and keep us posted.
i have always sealed them with resin or uv gel

it never occured to me to seal with acrylic
Well... do you know, i never thought of putting on a uv topcoat ontop of acrylic. Great solution. Some good ones about. Problem solved because when i just apply a nailart sealer, they dont seem to last more than a week. Great solution nail tech. Thanks.

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