Watery eyes and sinuses when putting individual eyelashes on


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I'm just starting out and have been getting good results until i had a client last week who suffered with very watery eyes and trouble with her sinuses (shes a friend and didnt tell me till we were half way through!) the symptoms went once the glue had dried. She is now asking for me to do infills. I was wondering whether anyone knew of a glue that was hypoallergenic? (I use Tatti ladies) she is desperate to have the infills done??


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Hypoallergenic glues are rubbish generally... it's not worth buying them either for 1 client due to how long they last once open.

Was it definitely related to the glue? Most people get irritated by the pads when they're not used to them which can cause watery eyes. If you think it is from the fumes she could always wear a mask? However, if you think she is allergic, she is not a candidate for lashes, allergic reactions usually result in swollen eyelids and sore eyes though.


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This is due to the cyanoacrylate within the glue, this chemical seeks moisture as such it will irritate eyes, nose throat and lungs. You may have seen some of your clients talk through thier nose and sound like they are getting a cold, when in fact the cyanoacrylate is irritating this area. Always work with a good airflow. When you finish keep the clients eyes closed for 5 mins this will allow the glue vapour to disperse.

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This happened to me but I was the tech not the client. It was unbearable as it got worse and worse. Kicked off my asthma that hadn’t been a problem since I was a kid and eventually had to stop as even masks and ventilation didn’t make a difference for me and started getting rashes. Started getting it with tinting and lifting now too but just bearable.